About This Blog

Hi, my name is Kirsten, and welcome to my blog! I made this largely to keep track of all the recipes I've tried and also to have a more polished archive of all the baking photos I've taken.

However, the main reason I've started this blog is to share with all of my friends and family the joy I find in baking. Yeah, it is just a hobby, but the thing is, it's not really all about the baking. There's just something really great about being able to see people you care about enjoy something that you've created. It's as simple as that. My family, like most families, bonds over food. Yeah there're other things we bond over, too-- our love for the outdoors, music, soccer, etc.-- but food, and good food, is present throughout almost all of these. I've been blessed with parents who know how to cook. And I know this is cliche and probably sounds horribly cheesy, but one of the things I miss most about living at home is BBQs on weekends and doing my homework up in my room with the door propped open to the smell of baking apple pear pecan pie. I know, sounds dang good, right??

See, with food, it's not all about the food. And here I'm just saying something that most of you probably experience in your own lives too..the thing is, it's more about the experiences, emotions, and nostalgia surrounding the food. It's home, it's friends and family, it's good conversation. Anyway, I'm rambling. Moving on with things... so the parents can cook. It took going to college, trying to learn how to make my own food, and eating from the SUB for a year to realize that I took it for granted, but with a new mindset anything is possible. Now, I'm setting out to share my journey as I learn a few culinary skills of my own so I don't feel so deprived and so I can one day create the same thing for my family that my parents did for me. Too soapy for you? Okay, I'm making this blog to show off my baking pics. Haha. Enjoy!!

I hope that you all enjoy my blog and feel free to comment and/or share recipes that you want me to feature on here!