Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Black-Bottom Cheesecakes




and some chive blossoms for good measure..


Warning: While delectable, these were very rich. Which is nice for portion control reasons because this is one of the few mini desserts where one really does feel like enough. However, eating more than one is also quite acceptable :)

Here is the link to the recipe for these classy little bliss-morsels:

Serving suggestion for partayyys:

Set 'em out on a big platter. stark. naked. I know, it may seem cruel. What did these little fellows ever do to you? Well.. sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and sometimes you have to make others make sacrifices. You know what I'm sayin?

Naw me neither.

Next, alongside your massive platter of joy, place small bowls of different toppings such as berries, caramel, hot fudge, assorted fruit jams, sprinkles, etc. so your guests can customize them to their liking! Totally rad!

To the right are some cute serving bowls I found at, the window shopper's paradise.

A word or so about creme fraiche...
The one change I made to this recipe is that I didn't use creme fraiche. Although delicious, it's kind of spendy (7.5 oz can easily put you back 6 bucks). Creme fraiche literally means "fresh cream" in French. Here in the U.S. we make it by fermenting sour cream with pasteurized cream. The product of this process is a velvety cream substance that you can use as a topping, in sauces, or in many baked goods. It's basically a thinner version of sour cream.

Sooo.. you can do one of these two things if you don't want to make the investment or just can't find it in the store:

  1. For 1 cup of creme fraiche, use 1/2 cup each of sour cream and whipping cream.
  2. Make your own creme fraiche by combining 1 cup whipping cream and 3 tablespoons buttermilk; cover and let stand at room temp for 12 hours. Super easy, and super cheap!!

Caution: if you have leftover creme fraiche from this recipe, it only keeps for up to about ten days in the fridge. I don't want ya'll gettin' sick on me, now ya hear? It's really good whipped and sweetened, then used as a topping for.. something. Like fruits. Or oats. Or cake. Really.. whatever.

Mmm I'm making myself hungry O_o

Okay.. time for me to go. But there's my first power-post. I'm realizing now this wasn't near as short as I was hoping for it to be, but you can't blame a girl for getting excited about creme fraiche. Ya just can't.

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